5 Sites you simply have to visit in Slovenia’s Ljubljana.

Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, is extremely travel-friendly.

Zaritha van Wyngaardt, owner of the Obvious Choice, recently visited Ljubljana in Slovenia as part of her travel itinerary.

On her first day in Ljubljana I received the following voice-note, straight from the horse’s mouth, “I am in awe, I could so live here. The art, puppetry, movies, music, everything… It’s incredible!”

Ljubljana, which also happens to be one of Europe’s greenest and most liveable capitals, is situated in Central Slovenia, between the Alps and the Karst. This unique city is a typical blend of German, Mediterranean, and Slovenian culture and takes great pride in its cultural heritage.

Arts and culture fanatics will love Ljubljana’s Old Town – a blend of Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau buildings, watched over by a medieval castle.

Because Ljubljana has a lot to offer travellers regarding its local arts and culture scene, we thought to compile a list of Ljubljana’s most unique arts and culture spots for travellers-on-the-go. Easy exploring, in under 24 hours.

Let’s go!



Ljubljana Streets at night. Image credit: Zaritha van Wyngaardt.

1. The Ljubljana Castle:

The Ljubjljana Castle can be seen from anywhere in Ljubljana. This castle, situated on Castle Hill, offers some fantastic views, exhibits and activities for both the young and not-so-young.

We recommend you hop on the funicular for a scenic ride to the top of Castle Hill.

On arrival, make your way to the galleries, learn more about Slovenian history, enjoy performances by actors and mini-puppets and please, do yourself a favour and visit the chapel for a perfect Instagram moment. Hint: Look at the ceiling, but more about this, later.

Tickets for the castle visit and funicular ride can be purchased online.



2. The Museum of Puppetry:

“Marionettes are a fantasy, a fairy tale vision…

A deeply dreamlike beautiful, silent inner experience, …”

-Joze Pengov

Slovenia has a rich tradition in puppetry.

The Museum of Puppetry, located at the Ljubljana Castle, offers visitors an opportunity to gain more insight into the history, creative processes and techniques of puppeteering in Slovenia.

After viewing the exhibition, visitors are invited to try their hand at some puppeteering skills.

The Museum of Puppetry is a permanent exhibition, set up by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre – a real beaut!

Visiting hours are as follow:

  • January, February, March, November: 10:00-18:00 daily,
  • April, May, October: 9:00-20:00 daily,
  • June to September: 9:00-21:00 daily,
  • December: 10:00-19:00 daily.
Museum of Puppetry, Ljubljana. Image credit: Zaritha van Wyngaardt.


3. St. George’s Chapel:

Still at the Ljubljana Castle…

The Castle Chapel of St. George is one of the oldest built parts of the Ljubljana Castle (1489). It was built as a dedication to St George, St Pancras and Empress Helena.

The original chapel had a wooden ceiling.

However, in 1747 it was rebuilt in the Baroque style and decorated with The Coats of Arms of the provincial governers.

This chapel is highly regarded among European sacred buildings as it is quite rare for buildings like these to be decorated with such secular content.

The chapel’s renovation in 1992 lead to the discovery of its original Gothic paintings around the the altars, the entrance-ways and the window openings.

St. Georges Chapel, Ljubljana. Image credit: Zaritha van Wyngaardt.

4. Moderna Gallerija:

After your visit at the Ljubljana Castle we recommend you take a stroll down the hill from the castle and head for Ljubljana’s Old Town.

The extremely popular Moderna Gallerija (MG) is situated in the Old Town of Ljubljana and features art works from the 20th and 21st centuries.

The gallery’s extension, the beautiful and well-curated museum (MSUM), is renowned for its exhibits in Slovenian Modern and Contemporary Art – a definite must-visit.

Other facilities at the museum include a guided-tour, a book-store, coffee-shop, cafeteria and library.

Visiting hours:

Tuesday – Sunday (10am – 6 pm)

Admission fee.

At the Moderna Gallerija, Ljubljana. Image credit: Zaritha van Wyngaardt.


5. The Museum of Illusions:

Up for some serious disillusioned fun?

The Museum of Illusions offers around 40 exhibits, illusions and holograms where you can test the limits of your perception.

The museum’s attractions include the following rooms of illusions:

  • Anti-gravity Room, where everything seems to defy the laws of gravity;
  • Rotating Room, where your reality rotates through 90 degrees;
  • Infinity Disco Room, where fun and dance stretch into infinity;
  • Ames Room, where you grow taller or smaller;
  • Vortex Tunnel, where everything appears to rotate and you fight for balance;
  • Playroom with didactic-logical games and enigmas.

Open every day from 9:00 to 22:00.

Admission fee.

Below are two image examples from the Jastrow Illusion.

Observing the shapes, one looks significantly larger than the other. When the position of the shapes is revised, the impression of their sizes is also reversed.

The Jastrow Illusion at the Museum of Illusions, Ljubljana. Image credit: Zaritha van Wyngaardt.

Although we have only covered 5 artistic spots for you to visit in Ljubljana, the city has a lot more to offer arts and culture junkies in need of their creative fix. In fact, wherever you go in Ljubljana, there is art. It’s on the streets, the homes, and yes, in the heart of every Slovenian.

“I paint for myself, because I must. It’s like breathing. If I was forbidden to paint, I would be left without air.”

Zoran Mušič – an extraordinary personality of 20th century Slovenian art.

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